Woodland Flutes

The flutes I make are
commonly referred to as Native American style flutes. This
flute originated here in what today is known as North America and Canada. It has
been in existence for hundreds of years; so clearly,  indigenous people have their
own names for this flute .  
Although my own ancestry stems from other continents
, my approach to working with
this style flute honors a deep respect for its place of origin. The teachings passed
on to me in the art of flute making could be considere
d an old, traditional style of
flute making whereby flutes were originally made w
ith only hand tools.  They were
then tuned and finished within the relationship between the flute maker and the
flute itself.  
The flutes
I make are tuned in the pentatonic scale .  This lends itself to playing in a
ble relationship with other instruments.
At this point in my flute making, I combine both old style with contemporary tuning
to create a six hole style flute most often referred to as a woodland style flute.
I’m grateful for the teachings that have been passe
d along to me so that I can
ue to find the keepers of my flutes, and that they too can form
a relationship with the flute.

The flute has a powerful way of connecting people in many ways.

May these gifts become yours.